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Bruce Anderson – Natural Humanship

Bruce Anderson grew up on the West Indian islands of Trinidad and Tobago and it was there on the family cocoa and coffee estate that he began his relationship with horses. He learned to ride on the estate and then represented his country on the National Show Jumping Team. From there he moved on to breeding farms at home, in the U.K. and in the U.S. While in England, he earned an agricultural degree and in the U.S. worked with racehorses in Florida. He eventually moved into the hunter/jumper show circuit. Bruce and Julianne currently make their home in Camden, South Carolina, where Bruce started his present path, the evolution of Nature's View equine programs. They work in Camden, and around the southeastern U.S., with counselors and mental health professionals, law enforcement agencies, school and church groups. Bruce also enjoys working with horse owners and their horses to assist them in building better relationships.


Janet Barrett – Author/Lecture:  They Called Her Reckless

From the moment she heard about Reckless, Janet Barrett knew she would write They Called Her Reckless — A True Story of War, Love And One Extraordinary Horse.  Her experiences as a horsewoman gave her a particular appreciation of the tight bond that developed between Reckless and her fellow Marines, from which the story springs.


Barrett has loved and been fascinated by horses all her life, and for 25 years almost obsessively rode, owned, and cared for them.  For a time, her company, Horses For Courses, booked horses for print and TV ads.


The author's first book was On The Fence: A Parent's Handbook of Horseback Riding. Most recently, her intrigue with warhorses drew her back to an earlier time to write Comanche and His Captain—The Warhorse and The Soldier of Fortune, about the great Comanche, who survived the Battle of the Little Bighorn to become the most famous horse in America.


Barrett was raised in New York, graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Communications, and now lives with her husband in Connecticut.


Jason Charles – Clinician: Trail Obstacles - Judge:  Trail Challenge

Jason Charles has been a professional horse trainer for more than 20 years. He competes in NRHA, AQHA, Versatile Horse & Rider Competitions and many other events. 


His many accomplishments over the years to credit his performance ability includes training two horses that made the finals at the Mustang Million in Texas, a champion win at the PA Mustang Makeover, SVRA High Point, multi-champion winner at Equine Affaire's Versatile Horse and Rider from 2013 to 2019 in Ohio and Massachusetts as well as the Horse World Expo Trail Champions Challenge.  He's also qualified horses for the AQHA World Show in Reining and Ranch Riding, in addition to placing 4th in the NRHA Rookie Professional.

His career began at River Valley Ranch, a horsemanship camp for kids.  He trained with Evergreen Farm and has started hundreds of horses.  Jason starts horses under saddle, and gives them a good foundation to progress onto the next stage of the horse's career. He develops and finishes good minded, all around horses from the trail, to the roping box, to the reining show pen. 

Jason operates from their family-run farm in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania with his wife, Crystal their children.  Learn more about their services on their website by clicking here.



Leslie Desmond – Clinician - Demonstrations:  Leslie will bring along two horses through the use of “Feel”

At age 9, Leslie offered supervised rides on her old racehorse for 25 cents. "I learned a few things from a neighbor who taught ‘old way’”,  she said. “A year later, Ivan Taylor from the Vermont Cavalry in WW1 showed me how to prepare a horse to get along with people.”

She expanded her services to re-start horses for public use in 1965. “Most of them liked carrying a rider, but a special one bucked me off daily. That’s when I knew I ought to improve fast, or else.” 

Her love of horses inspired her to read books about them, and through an exchange of letters with several authors she advanced in the basics of their care and training. After that came university, followed by a 20-year journalism career, and two riding schools in Massachusetts (1984) and California (1990).  

Leslie’s success as a colt-starting coach for children in Northern California soon lead her to a new mentor. Bill Dorrance, a rancher from Salinas, California, offered her an apprenticeship while she co-authored "True Horsemanship Through Feel".

Since Bill Dorrance’s passing in 1999, Leslie shares his Feel & Release approach to horse training with her private clients in 34 states and 16 foreign countries. The Legacy of Bill Dorrance was featured in Europe at Equitana, The Mane Event, and many venues across America, including the Equine Affair.

Find her articles in many languages, a well-stocked video library, and online coaching options here: 

Read Leslie's complete story by clicking here.

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Nola Haupert–Keill – Clinic:  Mounted Shooting – Mounted Shooting Demonstrations– Performance

Nola’s equine career,  education and travels spanning more than 30 years, has taken her all over the U.S., to include trailering a horse  4,000 miles to  Alaska.    Originally from Illinois, she  attended Rawhide Vocational College of Horsemanship in California.  She has competed and shown Paso Finos at the National level for more than 15 years with multiple National Title championships.

She has been awarded with several accomplishments by the United Mounted Shooters, to include the 2020 UMS National Champion Rifle, 2020 UMS Reserve National Champion Shotgun, 2018 UMS Reserve National Cowgirl, and 2017 UMS Reserve National Cowgirl.

Currently, Nola owns and  operates the NO-RO Ranch in Pennsylvania with her husband and son.  She continues her travels around the US for her equine dentistry practice  as well as her adventures in competitive mounted shooting.

You can read Nola's complete story by clicking here.


Cindy Hefty  –  Clinic:  Mounted Shooting – Mounted Shooting  Demonstration

Riding Smart Jax A Lena, Cindy Hefty, is from Sterling PA. Cindy and Jac have been competing in Cowboy Mounted Shooting 4–years. They learned the sport together from the ground up.  As a team, they have been awarded United Mounted Shooting Association National High–Point Cowgirl, Pennsylvania High–Point Overall, NEPA Posse High Point Overall, Shotgun National High–Point and Rifle National High–Point Reserve. 


Cindy has also been riding exhibition on her 3–year–old gelding, Bridger.  Bridger is just starting his riding/shooting career.



Krystal Kelly  –  Traveling Worldwide by Horseback - Film 

Equestrian Adventuresses was started by Krystal Kelly, Californian girl determined to see the world from the back of a horse. She is on a quest to visit every country in the world! Her quest has led her to some pretty crazy places, such as Iraq, Yemen, Bhutan, Timor-Leste and more! Her personal journey started back in 2010 when she left the USA for good. She’s worked abroad in over 14 different countries as a rider, trainer, FEI II Coach, clinician and club manager. She’s started riding clubs around the world, and is a show jumper, polo player, endurance rider and trail leader!

Krystal has a passion for sharing her love of travel and horses with others, which is why she often worked in “male dominated countries” in order to help get more women involved in the sport and to help teach the men to have “softer hands” and “ride like a girl!” She is passionate about women’s empowerment and her goal in life is to see women around the world having the same opportunities with horses as men.  Learn more about Krystal and her travels by clicking here 


Julie March – Seminars:  Emergency Sports Massage  – Sports Massages Scheduled On–Site for Your Horse

Julie A. March is a certified equine and canine sports massage therapist of Trails and Tails Equine and Canine Sports Massage who uses the healing art of massage therapy to increase the health and to benefit the immune system of both horses and dogs.


With a BS in applied psychology and organizational behavior from Albright college, Julie became a certified sports-massage therapist through Equissage of Virginia.  In the five years following her certification she has built her clientele to include more than 450 horses.   


In Julie’s presentations she will demonstrate massage tips, you can try to help your horse relax when you’ve called and are waiting for the vet to arrive.

PM Julie via FB during the Labor Day expo to learn about booking an on–site massage for your horse before events throughout the weekend.  Reach her here:   Trails & Tails Equine & Canine Sports Massage

To read Julie's complete story, click here



Cal Middleton – Colt Starting and Finished horse demonstrations. 


Cal is an author, NRHA Judge and top clinician who has won a world title in reining as well as placing top 5 in working cow horse. He has competed and won titles in dressage, cutting, roping, ranch pleasure, western dressage and many other events.  His brand of teaching helps students get more out of their riding, gain confidence and understand what is really going on with their horses.  He also works with children with behavioral needs, and he translates his work with horses into helping those children improve their lives. 

Cal was also listed as a top 5 "must-listen to" pick by Horse and Rider magazine for his Horses and Life podcast.   His podcasts, clinic schedule and more info can be found on his website: and Facebook page: Cal Middleton Horsemanship.


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Julianne Neal  – Horse Rescue Documentaries 

Julianne Neal is an educator, musician and equestrian. She is the Coordinator of Visual and Performing Arts for the School District of Fairfield County and has been an arts educator in the areas of music and theatre for 30 years. She is a certified Secondary-level Administrator with an M.Ed in Educational Administration.

She has been an arts lover and dressage rider since childhood. She began working with Bruce Anderson to establish Nature's View, Inc. in 2001 and thoroughly enjoys helping with the work through documentation and filming. 


Travis Newman – Clinic:  Introduction to Cow Work – Demonstrations:  Standing for the Farrier – Building a Better Partnership with your Horse 

Focusing on a solid start with a confident, relaxed horse is Travis’s goal. Working with horses and cattle has always been a way of life though Travis began his professional career as a farrier.   As a result, a deep interest in getting along with the inside of the horse developed.  Travis decided to pursue his passion full–time and began to work with numerous clinicians, while starting colts and cowboying throughout the US.


Newman now lives in Kentucky where he raises cattle and starts colts of all breeds and disciplines, focusing on training ranch versatility horses. He is an avid big loop roper and proponent of stockmanship while working cattle. He conducts ranch roping, cow work, and horsemanship clinics with the goal of helping horse and rider find a true partnership. To sum it up, Newman’s favorite quote is “I am a student of the horse”.


Barbara Swabowicz  –  Clinic:  Mounted Shooting – Mounted Shooting  Demonstration


Barbara Swabowicz has been riding for approximately 45 years.   Barb has ridden and trained under some AQHA distinguished trainers in halter, pleasure and the cutting horse industry.


Barbara started into mounted shooting in 2016.  In 2017 she was awarded for UMS National High Point Overall Champion, 2017 UMS PA State Champion Cowgirl,  2017 UMS NY Reserve State Champion Cowgirl,  and 2017 Northeast PA Posse Buckle Winner. 


Swabowicz’s accomplishments in 2019 included awards for UMS National Reserve High Point Cowgirl, 2019 UMS PA State Reserve Champion Cowgirl,  2019 UMS NY State Reserve Champion Cowgirl, 2019 Northeast PA Posse State Champion, 2019 Northeast PA Posse Clean Shooter, 2019 Northeast Regional Level 1 CMSA Class Winner and. 2019 PA State Level 1 CMSA Class Winner.


Bethany White – Demonstration: “Equestri–Sport” (part 1)  – Seminars:  Western Dressage   – “Equestri-Sport” (part 2)

Bethany White is a professional clinician and judge with more than 30 years teaching clinics and judging horses.  She attended the Western Dressage Association of America’s First Judges’ Seminar and was an instructor/trainer at the former prestigious ASCO Farms in Chatham, NY and has managed a breeding farm and a successful lesson program.  

She began riding at age 6 and now specializes in western dressage.  In her equine career she developed “Equestri-Sport” which is an equitation-meets-bio-mechanics program.  Bethany works with riders to develop a soft connection and communication with their horses, and lends itself to be beneficial for all disciplines. The “Equestri-Sport” program she founded focuses on common rider trouble areas and helps riders better themselves before they mount the horse.  She developed this system as a result from of a severe accident at age 17.


With her interest to compete with her phyical imparements, she lobbied the Western Dressage Association of America and as a result, in 2019 WDAA made provisions to include “Exceptional Rider” tests.  With this big win she continues her efforts for disabled equestrians.

To read Bethany’s complete biography, click here


Jennifer Woodruff –Demonstrations:  Ranch Riding

Jennifer Woodruff is a career horsewoman with more than 30 years of experience as a competitor, trainer, clinician and judge.


During her career she has trained and shown a great variety of breeds from Arabians and Morgans, to Quarter Horses, and Hunters, to name a few. She holds judge’s cards with 6 different national organizations, is an approved 4–H judge in more than 10 states and has judged more than 500 shows from schooling hunter shows to world level competition. Jennifer holds an AAS degree in Saddlehorse Management and Production at The State University of New York at Morrisville.

Jennifer is an internationally recognized clinician.  She is known for her “Show and Tell” style which is a judged show with personal critique over the PA system, as well as the “Ready Set Show” format, styled for beginner to intermediate level exhibitors in a variety of topics from showmanship to pattern classes such as equitation, horsemanship, ranch events, trail, western riding and over fences classes. Between judging commitments, Jennifer coaches a select group of clients in central Florida and central New York.

To read Jennifer's complete biography, click here.


Amanda Zeiders – Events/Show Photographer and On–Site Portrait Sessions 

My name is Amanda Zeiders, however you can call me Mandi! I am a 26 year old event and portrait photographer based out of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. I graduated in 2015 from Elizabethtown College with my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Biology.

Starting my business later that year, equine photography quickly became an area of focus where my business and passion came together. Considering myself extremely blessed, I emphasize capturing beyond the “big picture”. What I love the most about photographing horses is their movement and the unique relationships between horse and rider.



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